Hagakure Dell'Antico Matagi

  • Hagakure DellAntico Matagi BORN: 05.01.2005.

    Hagakure comes from the very known Italian kennel Antico Matagi.

    Hagakure joined our pack when he was 7 years old.
    He has an amazing success as a show dog and a producer.

    Hagakure is the father of two World Champions.
    Haga himself has an outstanding show carrer.
    One of his most important results are 2nd place at Class 5 on Akita Cup 2008 and wining the third place on World Dog Show in Salzburg 2012.

    Hagakure ist still active on shows and has that "something special" in himself which takes away the breath of many.
    Hagakure DellAntico Matagi
    Hagakure DellAntico Matagi

Pedigree of Hagakure Dell'Antico Matagi

Hagakure Dell'Antico Matagi


Fukutarou Go Okadeyama Kensha

Hokuto Go Kisarazu Shirai Kensha
Yuuka Go Okufujisou

Naoki Go


P'Yoshihime D'Obakosow


Gohryu Of Shohnan Yamada
Keishu Delle Bianche Vallate
HashaCsepely Őre Hugó
Gokuraku Cho Go No Shatsuko
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