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Litter Kankuhomare and Lumi

Our young female Lumi Go Du Temple De Todai Ji was mated with a male imported from Japan Kankuhomare Go Senshuu Takashihamasou.
In the Litter we have 6 puppies of which 1 is a male and 5 are females. We are very proud of this litter and had planned it already a longer time.
The Pedigree of the puppies can be seen on the next link: PEDIGREE

!!!All puppies are reservated!!!

Picture of father Kankuhomare Go Senshuu Takashihamasou and the mother Lumi Go Du Temple De Todai Ji


CAC Bjelovar 2014

We exhibited again our male Hagakure Dell Antico Matagi on a Show in Bjelovar (Croatia). Even it is a smaller Show id had a very solid number of entered Akitas, 14 of them.
Our Hagakure was exhibited in Champion Class and once more he amazes everyone on the Show and under the judge Dubravka Reicher (HR)
wins in Champion Class (CAC), becomes best of breed (BOB) and in the Best In Show program takes the 3rd place in the group.

Here are pictures of Hagakure a day before the Show:


Hagakure Club Show Nurnberg 2014.

A video of our Hagakure from a Show where we participated in mid January.
The Show was organised by the German Japan Akita e.V Club.
Hagakure was exhibited with his 9 years in Champion Class and proves one more time why he is the most successful Show male on these territories.

16 - 19.03.2014.

Visiting Hachimantai Kennel

We visited for the second time one of the biggest and most successful Akita kennel in Europe Hachimantai, which is located in Bulgaria near Dobrich.
Hachimantai kennel stands out with their dogs imported from Japan which proved their quality already in Japan on the biggest Shows there like the Hombuten Show. We want to thank once again the kennel owners Evert and Galina for their hospitality and an excellent spent time by them.

male 7 years old male 1st ranked in Junior Class at Hombuten Meiyoshou winner at the moment the youngest male in the kennel young female just imported from Japan Golf Club on the Black Sea
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Tatsuya Kensha

We finished the year 2013. by registrating our kennel under the name "Tatsuya Kensha". It is now also possible to visit our site under the address

11 - 12.01.2014.

CACIB Nürnberg 2014

We exhibited our dogs on the International Dog Show in Nürnberg (Germany). The Show was held during the weekend where on Sunday the organiser was the German akita club "Japan Akita e.V".
Both days counted a high number of entered dogs so that in Saturday 41 akitas were entered and on Sunday 39 of them.
On Saturday our Hagakure Dell'Antico Matagi, which had his 9th birthday just a few days before the Show, takes the second place in Champion Class and becomes later on second best male on the show with the result 5, R.CAC, R.CACIB
We also exhibited our Lumi Go Du Temple De Todai Ji which takes the first day the third place in a very strong junior class with an excellent result.
On Sunday we made an even better result so that our Hagakure Dell'Antico Matagi takes the firts place in Champion Class and our Lumi Go Du Temple De Todai Ji the second place in junior class.


brindle puppies

We are very proud that we have the first brindle akita puppies registered in Croatia.
We have two brindle puppies in the litter, one female and one male.
From both dogs besides great pets we expect a high show potential which makes us very satisfied with the quality we got from this litter.

Mugen Go Tatsuya Kensha - the new owners of our Mugena is the German kennel vom-friedlichen-berg

Mika Go Tatsuya Kensha


New Pictures of our Akita Puppies

Here are the latest pictures of our puppies.



We participated on a Dog Show in Zagreb (Croatia) where we exhibited both days our Lumi Go Du Temple De Todai Ji.
Our Lumi was exhibited for the first time in Junior Class where she took both days the second place.


New Pictures of our Akita Puppies

We added new pictures of our puppies from the litter between Bandou Go Shun'You Kensha and Hasaki Team Ginko.
We atill have some free puppies for which we are looking good homes.
In case you are interested in buying an akita puppy feel free to contact us over mail or simply just call us. For more pictures of our puppies look under puppies !!!.


Akita puppies

On the 21st October our Hasaki Team Ginko gave birth to 6 akita puppies. In this litter we have 4 red-white females, one brindle female and one brindle male. Puppies and Ginko are healthy and developing very nicely.
One day after that our male Hasaki Team Masahiro became once more time father. Dora gave birth to 2 red-white male puppies.
In case you are interested in buying an akita puppy feel free to contact us over mail or simply just call us. For further info take a look under puppies !!!.


re-Designed Website

After a few years we finally reDesigned our old website to improve and adjust visitors on faster and easier managing on the website.


New Litter Bandou Go Shun'You Kensha X Hasaki Team Ginko

Pregnancy is confirmed by our brindle female Hasaki Team Ginko. She has been mated with the male Bandou Go Shun'You Kensha which was imported from Spain from the most famous akita kennel in Europe. The male is owned by Rebeka Tratnik (owner of Samurai Yashiki kennel). Since both dogs have already proved themsleve as good producers we expect puppies of show quality potencial. For further info take a look under puppies or contact us.


CACBačka Palanka

On special show for the V. Fci gruop we exhibited our male Hagakure Dell'Antico Matagi, even he is already older (8,5 year) proves one more time his outstanding quality and makes an amazing result from Champion Class winning over the competition with the results 5, CAC, Club Winner, BOB, BISS 3 by the judge Dragana Dolovca (SRB).

  • FCI standard

    Here you can download the FCI standard.

    FCI is the world canine organisation under which also the Croatian Kennel Club is the member.
    FCI standard gives a description of a ideal type of dog. You can download the standard for akita on the link on top.

  • Video Haga

    A video of our male Hagakure Dell'Antico Matagi.

    Video fo our male Hagakure Dell'Antico Matagi. Hagakure is our oldest male and the father of two World Champions. Haga himslef is an outstanding show dog who made incredible results on the biggest shows in Europe (2nd place on Akita Cup and 3rd place in open class on World Dog Show 2012. Take a look of the video on the next link

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Akitapedigree is online since late 2011 after which it became incredibly popular amongst akita owners and breeders.
The website counts today over 20 000 dogs and 3500 registered users, which makes it the largest pedigree database for akitas.
The purpose of the site is to give owners and breeders infos about the origin and the pedigree of an akita.
Every registered user has the possibility to add their own dog, whereby he also helps to expand the database.
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